A Bathroom Facelift Easily Done

Bathroom Remodeling

The home has long been seen as a sanctuary, a place to relax and recover from the pressures of daily life. And, with the recent economic crisis and today’s fast-paced world, people are looking to de-stress in any way possible, and the interior design industry is seeing the effects of this as bathroom remodeling trends move toward styles that are calm, relaxing, and comforting while still incorporating all of today’s modern conveniences. Traditional styles get a modern twist, and environmentally friendly technology is side-by-side with little luxuries.

1. Mirror, Mirror, not just on the Wall
Bathroom remodeling trends show a move toward a light and airy feel with an emphasis on mirrors. These can include old-world accents like an ornate brass frame, or they can cover an entire wall for a more modern look; however, the effect is the same: a brighter, bigger-feeling room. The walls are not the only place that mirrors are appearing, though. Reviving the art-deco style of the 1930’s and 40’s, mirrored vanities and other A Bathroom Facelift Easily Donefurniture have been getting more popular. A wall sized mirror installed in front of the vanity is one of the key bathroom remodeling trends. It not only gives the space a luxurious look but also makes the bathroom appear larger. The wall sized mirror should be installed along with a trimming of crown molding in a sleek but matt finish for an elegant look. The crown molding will act as the frame for the mirror and give the bathroom a regal and luxurious ambiance. Installing a wall size mirror is a relatively inexpensive project and is one of the best bathroom remodeling ideas.

2. Going Frame Free with Showers
For those who don’t like or simply don’t have the space for a large soaking tub, frameless glass showers reign supreme. In keeping with the airy feel of many bathrooms, frameless designs make the most of every square foot and can even make room seem larger. Not only are frameless shower doors attractive and functional, they’re also very safe. Each panel is made of thick safety glass that’s been tempered to withstand impacts. If you’re building, remodeling, or just upgrading an existing bathroom, frameless shower doors are definitely the way to go. They’re the wave of the future. So toss out those moldy old shower curtains or ugly aluminum framed shower doors and ride the wave! You’ll be absolutely amazed at what a huge difference frameless shower doors can make in the appearance of your bathroom. These styles are a great way to inject modernism into an otherwise classic room. In addition, what better way to enjoy the rest of your remodel than with a glass shower?

3. Decorative Glass Brings Art to Light
For designers and homeowners looking for replacement windows with a decorative flair and pattern there is a wonderful range of options to bring beauty and function to the bath, adding an artistic flair to the remodel.

Homeowners with an eye for art have an exciting selection available when considering bathroom updates. The replacement of builder grade windows is a great way update and add a personal touch to the redesign. There are a couple of glass collections to choose from, enabling homeowners to add flair and still maintain the benefits of replacement windows.

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