Window Water Management

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Once again it’s wind, rain and hurricanes –
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Lemon Bay Glass Water Leak Management

Water damage and ineffective sealant

Leaking windows may cause significant problems, including damage to interior finishes. If left unrepaired, this leakage can cause more severe issues such as mold growth, dangerous corrosion to steel framing and damaged property that can result in a tenant’s complaint or even structural failure. Unfortunately, most problems go unnoticed until serious damage is done.

Most systems work very well if assembled and installed correctly.

Lemon Bay Glass Water Leak Management

Deterioration causes leakage

In modern office buildings, flex spaces and strip stores, windows systems typically consist of aluminum extrusions and glass called storefront or curtain wall, which are customized for each structure. Storefront leaks are usually caused by improper or deteriorated sealant, lack of water diverters, end dams or improper caulking. A properly installed sill pan is essential for a storefront window. All fasteners penetrating the pan must also be sealed properly.
Curtain wall and storefront systems are designed to discharge any water penetrating the system to the exterior via weep holes or channels. Most systems work very well if assembled and installed correctly. The use of incompatible or incorrect sealant can contribute to system failure. Selecting the proper sealant is important to ensure each frame performs as designed. Typical sealant considerations are: adhesion to substrate, compatibility of contacted components, UV resistance, environment exposure, elasticity, VOS content, color and cost.

Inspection: A complete understanding of how your system is designed is LBG+M priority one. Identifying the system can help provide answers as to the failure. There is no generic fix, each situation is unique and must be individually investigated. Unskilled or careless labor applying sealant to parts that are designed to allow water weep out can force water to the interior compounding problems. Thus there is a need to properly evaluate each condition and form an effective, practical scope of repair for each issue.   The conditions will be properly evaluated by a professional and a scope of repair will be presented and then implemented.

Methods of Repair: After the investigation is completed and problems are diagnosed, a repair procedure can be developed. Repairs usually consist of the following repair types:

  • Wet-Seal Method: Wet-seal repairs generally abandon the window’s drainage or weep system. Sealing all joints and seams with cap beads so there is an exposed barrier eliminating the ability for water to enter the window system. This type of repair is visible from the exterior and usually does not disturb tenants. Sealants used should be high performing silicones that have high adhesion to the components and are UV resistant.
  • Window Disassembly Method:For windows that are valuable enough to re-use. The window is removed from the structure, disassembled, cleaned, reassembled and reinstalled to the manufacturer’s specifications. If the sill pans are damaged or designedimproperly, they are replaced. There will also be other items involved like cladding systems such as stucco and interior finishes. This is labor intensive and will likely displace or disrupt tenants.

    Lemon Bay Glass Water Leak Management

    Water Penetration at Anchor Locations

  • Window Replacement System: The original windows may not be worth a repair. The owner can take advantage of new window systems designed for energy efficiency and regional weather conditions. Here in Florida, the current building code requires new window & door systems meet hurricane impact standards. These new systems can reduce insurance costs, attract security minded tenants and save energy costs.

Building owners and Management Companies are responsible for the building envelope.
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